Highlights from KAUST and the Red Sea

My summer course in KAUST has ended and I’m back in sunny (although not nearly as sunny as Saudi Arabia) California. I’ve had an absolutely unforgettable time in Saudi Arabia, and I’m sorry to be gone. I’ve returned much more picky about hummus and much more desperate for a good burrito, but incredibly thankful that I had this chance to go to a part of the world that I would otherwise have difficulty accessing (Saudi does not offer tourist visas, and I’d have to make come serious philosophical changes to get in via the Hajj.)

After my transatlantic flight and a VERY easy transition into weather that is not 105°F and humid, I sat down at my dining room table to go through all of my shakier-than-I’d-like GoPro videos and pick out the best shots from the trip. My suspicion that I was a major biology nerd was confirmed when I saw how many more videos I took of random tropical fish and sessile coral polyps than of the friends I went diving with. I tried to make a balanced video that captured the underwater and on-campus experiences that I had in the Kingdom, here are the highlights from my first (and hopefully not last!) Red Sea adventure.


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