So I’m Basically a NatGeo Photographer

It’s almost everybody’s dream to be a National Geographic photographer. Every college student that I’ve met who is the least bit interested in nature, photography, or wandering the planet on someone else’s dime has at some point considered the faint possibility of dropping out of school to spend half a year taking pictures of mountain goats, colorful temples, or any of the other places that NatGeo sends their lucky few to document. So like any amateur photographer who fancies herself a prolific documenter of nature every time she takes a picture of tree, I decided to start submitting my photographs to National Geographic.

National Geographic has a very cool community of contributors who submit their images online for editors and readers alike to comment/vote on. Some photos are chosen by the editors to be a part of the “Daily Dozen”, a daily showcase of the top submissions, and really spectacular images can get published in the print magazine. When I started uploading my pictures to the Your Shot portion of the NatGeo website, I was floored by the quality of photographs that people from all over the world were submitting. People were using everything from their cell phones to insanely expensive cameras to take beautiful pictures of the world around them, and it was really fun for me to scroll through the flood of images coming in from every part of the globe. If you would like to see the pictures that I am submitting to Your Shot, you can check out my profile here. Some of the pictures are ones that I already post on Underwater Wonder, and some are new (including photos from my other travels that have nothing to do with the water!) Mainly, I would like another outlet to share my images and to add to the growing number of social media profiles that all the cool kids seem to be having these days.

I would also encourage you to check out/vote on the other pictures uploaded to Your Shot. For me, it was pretty inspiring to see life through the lenses of people from all over the world and with all levels of photographic skills.

So there you go, I’m pretending to live out my fantasy of being a National Geographic photographer. Now if only someone would pretend to pay me.


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