Who I am and why I am here

As is evident by the URL of this website, I use WordPress to support this blog. I recently discovered that WordPress offers several online workshops and crash courses to its users in different aspects of blogging. I’ve signed up for one of these blogging courses with the hopes that the posts that you all come across on this site can become a little more interesting and well-presented, and my “assignments” for the course are to do a series of blog posts on a variety of prescribed subjects. So there will be a lot of new content coming onto Underwater Wonder in the next few weeks, the first of which is to reiterate who I am and why I am here.

My initial motivation for starting this blog was simple: To show my friends and family what I was doing in the ocean. I studied ecology in university, and was lucky enough to work on a few marine ecology projects, for which I did a good amount of field work out in the Pacific Ocean. When I traveled with a group of students from my university to the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia in order to work on coral reef ecology projects, I wanted the people back on the main land to see what I was seeing and hear about my experiences studying and diving in the sea. I wrote about my experiments and SCUBA dives, and tried to explain that although I was living on a tropical island in the South Pacific, I was also managing to get some work done. Photos were especially important to me, as I wanted others to visually experience the amazing environments where I was working. This blog became a place for me to share the underwater world with the people that I love who did not have the same opportunities to be marine scientists in the field.

When I returned from this trip, I continued blogging and posting photos from my scientific experiences in the ocean. But I also began sharing my recreational marine activities, as I was still seeing incredible things when I dove just for fun. I wanted to share my passion for the ocean with not only my friends and family, but with anyone who was interested in seeing more of my favorite part of the planet. Especially at a time when humans wield so much power to influence the environment in either positive or negative ways, it’s important for me to share information about the ocean so that more people can see its value and need for protection.

So back to the original question of who I am and why I am here. I am a lot of things: a scientist, SCUBA diver, underwater photographer, conservationist, traveler, wanna-be-mermaid, the list goes on and on. I am here to share pictures and stories from the ocean so that you all might see why I am so fascinated by it, and to understand what is needed to protect it. I post not only personal experiences of my time in the ocean, but also external projects, articles, and generally cool things that are going on in the realm of marine science and ocean-related things. I am always interested to learn more about what others are doing in the sea, whether it is an innovative research project or taking pretty pictures of fish, so I’d love to connect with and hear more from others who are also keen to get in the water. Until then, I’ll keep blogging about my time in the ocean, hope that you enjoy it!


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