Call for Underwater Photographers – Coral Documenting Project

Here’s a cool project for all of you underwater photographers out there with regular access to coral reefs. Exposure Labs, the film production company that made the amazing documentary Chasing Ice, is starting up a new project to track the change of state of coral reefs around the world. Just as their film Chasing Ice recorded the changes in the glaciers of Earth’s polar regions, this new film plans to document changes in coral bleaching in reefs all over the world. According to a video on their YouTube channel, their team is currently in Australia, but is at capacity filming the reefs down under. So to make this project possible they are reaching out to us, divers with cameras and access to coral reefs, to go out to coral reefs regularly and film/photograph the areas so that they can cover more of the globe through our lenses.

If you are able to participate in this film, watch their YouTube video (above) which explains the project, and get in contact with the team to see how you can be a part of recording coral bleaching around the world.


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