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In the spring of 2014, I did what a lot of millennial marine scientists are guilty of: running off to some beautiful part of the world to do a field project and making all of their friends back home jealous with obnoxious social media posts about how fun fieldwork is. During my junior year as an ecology major at UCLA, I left LA to do a marine biology research quarter in Mo’orea, French Polynesia, and I used this blog to keep my family and friends updated with stories and pictures of the projects that I was doing and the adventures that I was having. Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel and conduct research in a number of subtidal locations, and Underwater Wonder is now a place where I share accounts of my time in the ocean and all of the things that I find fascinating about marine science and the sea. I strive to create more dialogue about the intricacies of the marine environment and to share in the excitement that my fellow thalassophiles have for the big blue part of the planet. I also aim to bring the ocean to people who are not fortunate enough to experience it themselves, so I hope that the pictures and stories on this blog can describe some small part of what goes on underwater.

Underwater Wonder’s homepage is a running blog of my latest posts, and in the navigation menu, you will find these posts organized according to the different parts of the ocean in which I have spent time. In each tab, you will find photo galleries and written posts from my different experiences with the ocean. Click on the tab that you are most interested in (Mo’orea, California, Red Sea, etc.) or scroll through the blog on the homepage to experience the beauty of life below sea level.

Growing up on the Pacific Ocean, I guess it was inevitable that I should develop a love and insatiable curiosity for what goes on under the waves. I love talking about ecology and the ocean with others, so I am very excited to be sharing my experiences in this marine system with you all. I hope that you enjoy the posts, and that you see why the ocean is my favorite place to be.


I've been an aquatically-inclined kid for quite some time now.
I’ve been an aquatically-inclined kid for quite some time now.





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