Favorite Fish

I’ve seen a lot of fish on this trip, and decided to throw a few of my favorite fish pics (ignore the turtle) to show a sample of what kinds of critters I got to swim with during my time in Mo’orea.

Mo’orea by Night

Some nights after dinner, a few of us MBQ-ers will head out to the docks to look at the stars and soak in the Southern Hemisphere constellations. Here are a few shots that I’ve gotten, including views of the sky and some experimentation with long-exposure photography.






Sailing School Gallery

For my algae density experiments, my group is working at a beach that has been nicknamed Sailing School. Kids in Mo’orea learn how to sail at a little outdoor school that is at this beach (hence the nickname), and we get into the water alongside little French Polynesian kids and their sailboats. Because I spend so much time here doing experiments with algae, I’ve had a chance to snap a few photos of the place.